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  • Представител: Belirtilmemiş
  • Адрес: 46 Otets Paisii Str. Nessebar
  • Телефон: 00359 893 2 93 47
  • Социялна мрежа:

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Traditional crafts of Bulgaria and Turkey are displaying in the Demonstration Centre in the town of Nessebar. It is housed in the old city hospital. The two-storey building was renovated and converted into the craft exhibition center. On the first floor there are two offices and created hall for training and meetings. The second floor was converted to a multipurpose conference room for handicraft exhibitions, conferences and seminars. The conference room is equipped with high-tech multimedia presentation of the new generation. There is also access for people with disabilities through an electric wheelchair ramp. The building of the center is energy efficient.

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