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„Chateau Medovo“ is an ethnographic complex built on an area of 100 ares. It spreads within the territory of the village of Medovo, 12 km west of Sunny Beach resort, 12 km away from Pomorie and 24 km away from Burgas.
In the complex guests can visit a hotel part, a restaurant, shops, representing crafts typical for the Age of the Bulgarian Revival, and a wine shop.

The pretty „Crafts Street“ is where every tourist is welcome to get closer to the following crafts:
Wine shop where guests can purchase wine, rakia and brandy and a tasting hall, where are held entertaining wine and rakia tastings with alcoholic beverages produced in the wineries in Khan Krum village, Preslav, Rosenovo village and Stambolijski, from own vineyards.
In its centuries-old history Bulgarian people have created an enormous wealth of fabrics and costumes. The materials are wool, linen, hemp and silk.
Here the master produces various wall decorations, jewelry, amulets, icons, trays, coffee pots/containers, kettles for “cooked” rakia, jugs, cups, sets and small jewelry.
People in the workshop sew on a machine that is 140 years old. Here are produced various slippers, shoes, hats, bags, cigarette cases, belts, small leather souvenirs etc.
One of the first sweets in Bulgaria were “balsudjuk” (walnuts dipped in grapes syrup), “pestil” (dried plum squash, white jam, Turkish delight. Here, apart from the above mentioned sweets, are also produced: sugar roosters and flowers, different types of halva, sesame bars, sugar tiles, “cut mint” (sliced sugar and mint substance), homemade jams and more.
From the traditional jewelry the most interesting is the “sokay” – a female head decoration. In the workshop are crafted buckles, metal buckles, silver belts and bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, cigarette cases etc.
Here are showcased all the decoration techniques, typical of the Bulgarian pottery. All products can be used not only for decoration but also for serving and preparing food.
In the Bulgarian history cafes have played a significant socio-political and cultural-educational role. Today, the cafe is also a place for relaxation, meetings and gossip on a cup of aromatic „Turkish“ coffee made on sand and a small glass of white jam. The cafe offers alcohol, soft drinks, iced and hot tea and more.

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