Historical Museum Pomorie

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  • Представител: Belirtilmemiş
  • Адрес: Pomorie
  • Телефон: 00359 596 / 2 52 36
  • Факс: Belirtilmemiş
  • Мобилен: Belirtilmemiş
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  • Електронна поща: mayor@pomorie.bg
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Historical Museum – Pomorie has for nearly two decades preserved and exhibited the material part of the cultural and historical heritage of the town and the region. The building of the museum is a monument of culture. It was built during the last two decades of the nineteenth century, when a Greek girls school was originally housed in it.

The museum has a rich archaeological exposition consisting of unique exhibits related to the prehistory of the region, as well as the ancient and medieval history of Anhialo. The numismatic wealth of the exhibition consists of Anhialo coins from the Roman era, the cities of Messambria, Deultum, Marcianopolis. Medieval Byzantine, Bulgarian, Ottoman and Western European coin finds are also shown.

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