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  • Представител: Krasimira Kostova
  • Адрес: Sredets, Debelt
  • Телефон: +359 88 454 4835
  • Социялна мрежа:
Работни часове: от - до 08:30 - 17:30

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You can visit the Deultum archeological museum and the etnographical exposissions in Sredets.
Deultum is an archaeological reserve in the vicinity of the modern day village of Debelt. There are several ways to get there. We recommend to be used the road E79 from Burgas to direction of Sredec. It is easy to find it, and will lead you right to the аrchaeological base where the museum is situated. In Burgas you can ask for directions to Sredets or Meden Rudink. When you get on that road it is straight forward 15 kilometers, after you cross the river in Konstantinovo, you will have just 2-3 kilometers until you see our establishment on the right side of the road.

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