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The foundations of the Karnobat Historical Museum, which transformed into a state museum, were laid in 1953. The Historical Museum of Karnobat has five departments: Archeology, Ethnography, Art, Nature and History. The arranged temporary exposition introduces visitors to the richness and regional specificity of the folk culture of the Karnobat region from the Revival period to the first decades of the twentieth century. Valuable information is contained in the numismatic fund. The exhibition was renewed in 1998 and is housed in four halls. Among the most valuable specimens are the preparations of the extinct species such as nesting in the region, the Dalmatian pelican and the Gray crane. The History Department has originals from the Revival, among them the unique Condica from 1838, valuable, rarely preserved samples of the weapon, photographs and documents. Part of the museum are also the Minko Nevolin and Dimitar Polyanov Museums. Apart from historical and archaeological collections, the Museum takes care of values ​​of artistic and natural science.

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